Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day week & Exchanges!

So this week we went to Ridgecrest (the hottest part of our mission) on Exchanges and I got to serve with Sister Larsen again! YAY!! But on that exchange, we got to go see one of their investigators get married, we got to do the "missionary moment" at their baptism and such.  It was a great exchange!  The Stake center is closed for remodeling too, soooooo they had the baptism in a swimming pool in someone's backyard.  It was super weird but it was awesome.  

Also I tried lobster for the first time and I didn't like it.  So I can cross that off of my list haha!

I also saw a cockroach for the first time and flipped out.  They're just as disgusting as spiders and they're harder to squash.  So just burn down the house if you have them. Chances are they will perish by fire rather than foot.  Seriously ;)

We're going to an Ostrich farm today for District activity and I'm so excited!
So we were dropped by Susan this week.  Her husband, Guy, told us they didn't want to be Mormons and that our purpose was in vain.  Super sad, and I hope someday they will learn the truth and i will pray to that end.

So here's my spiritual story of the week.   straight from my journal of mission awesomeness.  "May 16, 2015. Yesterday in "chapel time," I asked the Lord for some guidance on how to feel adequate in the mission field.  I've been struggling with that.  But this is what i got.  I flipped open the 2015 May Ensign.  It fell open to "The Eternal Perspective of the Gospel."  A couple things popped out to me.
'Perspective is the way we see things when we look at them from a certain distance, and it allows us to appreciate their true value.'  So that kind of opened up my eyes and I started asking myself questions like: How can I get a better perspective of who I am and what my purpose is?  What is my situation helping me to do and see?  How can I center my life on my divine potential?  One more quote that stuck out to me was, "after they understood what it was, something that at first looked unpleasant to them ended up being something very attractive."

I liked that a lot because i really have no idea what God's plan is for me.  I honestly have felt alone a lot recently because I liked to be so organized and have things figured out, but as I'm trying to gain a better understanding, I find that I don't need to know all of the details.  I just need to have faith that the Lord is going to shape me and lead me to where i need to be.  It's hard but i cannot build up walls against the Lord.  i need to fully rely and trust that He will never lead me astray.  

So I hope everyone's week went well with embracing change :)  Now take those changes that the Lord has asked you to do and run with them.  He has a plan for each of us.  He loves us and I know that now more than ever.  Embrace change.  Embrace what the Lord has for each of us.  

Everyone have a beautiful Memorial Day and remember the people in your life that love you and brought you to this moment in your life.  Remember those who have passed and thank the Lord for their part in your life.  Heavenly Father has given us families so we can have a support group in this life.  I love each of you so much.  Have a fantastic weekend <3

Sister Hannah Weaver

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