Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5/4/15 -- Transfers and Baptisms!! :D

So this week Sister Liebelt was transferred to Bishop.  So it's just been me and Sister Anderson.  

So Roman's baptism was this week! Oh my gosh it was amazing!  I really felt the Spirit there and it was soooooo cool to see how even though he was on oxygen he took a giant leap of faith and totally did the baptism without even complaining once about how nervous he was.  He brought his whole family there to watch his baptism and then there were really good speakers. Then the next day when he was confirmed, he teared up because he told us he was so happy to be a member.  He also bore his testimony too in Sacrament meeting! He talked about how grateful he is for the gospel and how excited he is to be close to God.  I have more feelings written down about this event, but not enough time to type it all.  But he totally reminds me of how I think I would've remembered Grandpa Weaver.  He and Laura set a goal for next May they can go to the temple.  And he's so excited to be sealed to her.

So yeah... that was the highlight of my week.  I love them so much.  Anyways, I have limited time so I need to answer other emails!

Oh!!  Before I forget, I did get letters from Cassie, Calli Jo, Connor, Grandma Weaver, and my birthday package! Thank you all for the birthday wishes and I love you!!

~Sister Weaver

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