Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Last week before Transfers! AND A BAPTISM!!!!!!‏

So on Monday we got to go to the Indian Point Ostrich Ranch!!! It was so much fun!! Ostriches are so weird.  And we got to feed them!  We also had cleaning checks and we were one of the cleanest apartments in the East Bakersfield Zone :D :D YAY!!! 

On Tuesday I got a letter from Dad (it was the letter for Roman, so this week you should be probably getting a letter back from him :D ) and then we went and gave the letter to Roman who was incredibly appreciative and then we did scripture study with them for an hour or so just to help him understand the scriptures a little bit.  :D

We taught Hannah Grimes the last of the lessons this week too and she got her baptismal interview.  SHE IS SO EXCITED FOR HER BAPTISM ON SATURDAY!!!! And so are we! I found out that she's three days younger than Calli Jo. So no wonder i connected to her so well. I love her!  When we asked her about how she felt about the things we taught her she told us that she prayed about the church and the Book of Mormon and everything else and she said she knows for a fact that everything we have taught her is true.  She said she felt super peaceful about it and that she knew that it was right.

Also this week, we knocked on someone's door and it turns out that he was a preacher and he raked us over the coals for 30 minutes. We didn't get to put 2 words in.  Oh well.  His loss.  We just wanted to meet him and show him that we had a very special message for him.  But he wouldn't listen.  We tend to bump into people like that a lot. Oh well.

Oh fun story; so we made chocolate cake on Tuesday and then left it on the counter underneath a bowl to keep it fresh.  The next day when we went to get a piece we lifted up the bowl and there were HUNDREDS OF STUPID ANTS EATING MY CAKE!!!!!!! We've never had too bad of ant problems.  But we've asked our neighbors if they're having issues with it and apparently they are too. So our apartment complex is probably built on a gigantic ant farm.  Stupid.  So we spent an evening dealing with it.  STUPID CREATURES!

So my spiritual epiphany this week... I was doing the dishes and feeling a little homesick this week and as I thought about the blessings my mission is to me this thought popped into my head: "The Lord knows exactly how we are feeling.  He knows that when we are afraid, we run for cover.  He knows we want to feel safe and secure.  He knows that things become seemingly impossible for us when we look at things from a certain perspective.  That's why He runs to our rescue in our darkest hour when we call out for help or for it to stop.  He lifts us up and out of it if we let Him.  Let the Lord take your hand and lead you when you're scared."

I wrote this thought down super fast and then studied it.  Then as I read the Book of Mormon, it just made things easier to comprehend.  In Jacob 4:7 it says, "Nevertheless, the Lord God showeth us our weakness that we may know that it is by his grace and his great condescensions unto the children of men, that we have the power to do these things."  By reading this scripture I gained the strength I needed to get through my day.  I love my Savior and for the opportunity I have to serve Him.

I love you all, 

Love Sister Weaver 

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