Monday, April 6, 2015

This Sunday will mark my 1 month mark!

WOOOOOO!!!!! I'm almost a month old!!! ;) I can't believe how long i've been out already! CRAZY STUFF.  So Monday, we went to a zone activity in Bakersfield and we played volleyball and reverse charades.  It was so fun! But the sand was hot on my feet.  Darn that sand. BLECK! But it was great because it was like 94 degrees outside and I didn't get burned!!! (I had 3 coats of sunscreen on.  #whitegirlprobs)
So this Saturday is the ward Sock Hop and Talent show.  Sisters Liebelt, Anderson and I are rewriting, "Do you want to build a snowman" from Frozen into "Do you want a Book of Mormon" to perform at the talent show. It's gonna be so fun! I'll send a recording home soon so y'all can see it! :D

So weird foods of the week: Fish & seaweed flavored popcorn.  Never try it.  it's like a fish barfed in your mouth. it's gross.  Also, I tried Yams and sweet potatoes at a members house for Easter yesterday.  They weren't bad but not my favorite.  For some reason they tasted like.... vanilla custard??? kinda trippy.

Also on Monday, we set a date for our investigator Tony Hebert (we thought his last name was Duncan) and he's getting baptized on April 25! HAAAALLLLAAYYYYLOOOOOOOYYYYAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! So that was super fantasmic.

On Tuesday we taught the Weltins the Plan of Salvation and they had no problems whatsoever with it!!! it was so awesome!  The Spirit in their house is so strong!! They truly are amazing people and they are grandparents figures for me.  i feel right at home everytime I'm there.  It was a little hard to teach the lesson for me because sometimes i forget my train of thought right in the middle of the sentence but that's okay.  I'm still learning. I'll get it down eventually.  

Also, we had Zone Training Meeting in Bakersfield this week.  the Zone leaders called me the night before and asked me to read a talk by Tad R. Callister called, "Becoming a Consecrated Missionary" and then give a talk/training on it at zone conference the next day.  It was so scary!! But when i gave my talk, the Lord helped me to say the things that I really hadn't even thought of in my studies.  It was a pretty amazing experience.  i was so nervous about talking until I stood up and started to speak.  Then my fears were just gone.  AWESOME!!

so EASTER!!!! Happy Easter everyone!!! This easter was actually kinda crazy.
Aracely (Israel's wife) raked us over the coals before conference.  it was really disheartening and it was honestly the worst.  On Fridays we usually go over to their house to teach them, but this week we had ZTM so we hadn't scheduled an appointment to come back until Wednesday of this week.  So when we didn't show up, they got mad... like really mad.  She said a lot of choice things.  It wasn't pleasant.  After conference though, we went to their house and sorted it all out and then invited the Spirit back into our hearts and their home with prayer.  So that was taken care of.  Definitely an interesting experience, but it's okay because we resolved the issue and regained their trust.  The Lord really helped us.  It talks in the Book of Mormon about the prophets being thrown into a fiery furnace by the angry people.... well I can now relate to it in my own way.  But just like those prophets, we were delivered from the fiery furnace.  The Lord can soften hearts :)  These things are all for our experience and I'm so grateful for them.

Then later that night we went over to a member's house and had Easter dinner with them.  And yes, I still got to have my honey-glazed ham with grilled CA pineapple on the side ;) loooooooooooove IT!!!

as for conference, my favorite talks were Sister Linda K. Burton's talk on fatherhood and the man's role in the home <3 loved it!  Elder Bednar's talk about fear. SOOOOO TRUE!!  And Elder Holland's talk.  Holy cow. Elder Holland. he's a powerhouse speaker.  When he told that story about the two boys and the sacrifice the older one made and how he had told his little brother to go find a tree branch so his brother wouldn't see him fall, i started crying.  But when he started sliding off of the cliff and the little brother reached out and saved him I bawled like a baby.  My sweet amazing siblings would do that too.  Then when he explained the Atonement of Jesus Christ with that story everything became so real to me.  

So I'll just leave you with my testimony that I know that our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ, died not only for our sins, but he suffered all of our weaknesses, depression moments, and everything that has ever and will ever hurt us in any way.  And do you know why he suffered all of that?  it's because He loves us so much and he never EVER wants us to feel alone.  He suffered those things so He would know how it felt so He could comfort us in our darkest hours.  I can testify to you that I know that Christ has touched my life so deeply that I will always stand as a witness of Him and for Him.  I encourage every single one of you to learn about Christ and get to know Him on a personal level because you will never feel alone.  In my darkest hours, He has always been at my side to hold me and let me cry into His shoulder.  He is my biggest support and yours.  And that's why I'm out here.  I'm here to teach people that Christ did all these things for you.  

I love you all! I'm gonna have another fantastic week :D

Sister Hannah Weaver

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