Wednesday, April 15, 2015

One month!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!

Time has flown.  I have 17 months left. There seriously isn't enough time to do everything.  I love it here, and though I have my down days, I wouldn't trade this experience out here for anything.

So on Monday, we went for a hike with Sister Mifflin (a sister in our ward) and mom she sent you the pictures from the hike so look in your email :D  It was a fun hike.  We saw the bones of a cow leaning against a rock.  I almost took advantage of it and I almost sent a bone home for Calli, but i decided I didn't want to be sending bodies through the mail ;) 

Tuesday we went on exchanges with our Sister Training leaders, Sister Simmons and Sister Larsen in Bear Valley (30 west of us) and I really love Bear Valley.  The whole countryside is pretty much dedicated to equestrian activities and there were horse paddocks and pastures everywhere.  And guess what! I saw my first Norwegian Fjord!!! The horse from Frozen!!! AHHHH! So beautiful!! I got to talk to the horses a lot and my comps cracked up.  So I went out on exchanges with Sister McKenna Larsen.  that's right! She's my friend that I had before my mission!!!! We were friends before our missions and when i got to be her comp for a day we freaked out and AHHHHHH! Talked so much! I really hope we end up being comps officially someday.  So Tuesday was the only day it rained here.  It was 35 degrees Fahrenheit and poured literally all day and we were in the mountains.  Sister Larsen and I went tracting (aka knocked on doors and introduced ourselves) and we did that for at least..... 4 hours?? In the rain :) I was soaked and freezing but it was the best time ever.  We got pictures :D  And we took videos.  We literally drove through the rain clouds at the top of the mountain.  It totally reminded me of Dad's stories of being soaked to the bone in New Zealand. :D Proud Weaver moment! 

So Wednesday, I got a letter from Grandma Floyd and Aunt Julie.  I LOvE YOU!!!! I'm writing you back today so hopefully it'll be there soon :D  Our appointments got cancelled on us that day so we tried to knock doors, but we were unsuccessful until after dinner. We went to the Mullays (our beach body coach lol) for dinner and we had a great time talking.  I did my Gollum voice for them and they just laughed and laughed.  It was fun ;)

After dinner we went to a less-active and part-member family's house.  We ended up staying for an hour and a half because we talked about theatre and broadway and then when I started talking to Brother Poole (he's the nonmember) we started talking about B-24s and war planes.  He was a mechanic in the Navy for i think 6-10 years?? Somewhere in there.  But honestly, it was the best.  I connect really well to veterans :) It's fantastic.  We talked about air shows and classic cars and all sorts of WWII things.  It really was refreshing.

Oh Thursday, my tracting in the rain caught up with me and i woke up with a nasty cold.  But hey! I could sing Bass really well ;)  And our washing machine flooded the kitchen XD Whoops.  So we spent our time cleaning it.  Oh well.  we had a good time cleaning it up.  I also got letters from Momma, Calli Jo and Connor on Thursday too! I'm sending those letters in the mail either today or tomorrow :D  EXPECT WONDERFUL THINGS. :3

Friday was an uneventful day, but that's okay... And Saturday was a baptism for one of the other wards! It was awesome to see their investigator get baptized!!  He glowed when he came out of that water.  he was so happy!

so Saturday afternoon we went and taught Israel and Aracely again, but Aracely was so drunk.  She couldn't put together two sentences! haha! Drunk people. Israel hasn't really gained a testimony of the things we've taught him yet and that was a little frustrating because Sister Liebelt has been teaching him for 4 months now.  So I guess we're gonna start from square one and figure out how to help him from there.

That night was the ward party: A 50's sock hop and talent show! AHHH! it was sooooo cool! My comps and I performed in the talent show and we sang (and Sister Liebelt played the piano) a rendition of "Do you wanna build a snowman" from Frozen... only we rewrote it.  It was called, "Do you Want a Book of Mormon." As soon as we sang the first line, people started laughing really hard.  It was awesome.  Everyone in the ward still talks about it and tells us how amazing it was and how hard they laughed.  We recorded it, so I'll be sending that home :3  Also at the talent show, a man in our ward sang an Elvis song and then he proposed to his long time girlfriend :D I WAS SO EXCITED!! 

Then right after the talent show, Bishop Teare asked Sister Anderson and I if we could speak in Sacrament the next day because his original speakers had both gotten sick. So we both talked in church yesterday.  It went really well.  Although, one of the priests forgot bread... so sacrament meeting was weird.  We had the talks first and the sacrament last. Whoops.  So they won't ever forget that again haha!

So last night (Sunday, obviously) we went and visited with Suzanne and we read some scriptures with her and sang her "be still, my soul."  she's not really interested in learning about the Gospel quite yet because she's so busy.  But the song touched her heart, and her neighbor's heart too.  He came over and asked us if we could say a prayer for his friend. We all had a feeling we should go back there and talk to him again. YAy!!! Then we visited the Scott family; they're recent converts.  So we went over some scriptures that they were confused on and then we talked about the Atonement and how it can help us to forgive people.  It was a really powerful lesson.  

Oh also, when we were visiting someone, I was playing with a hair tie on my hand and it suddenly flicked off and soared across the room.... and landed on the brim of a cowboy hat... I laughed so hard with Sister Liebelt afterwards.  she's the only one who noticed.

So yeah, that was my week. We have a lesson with the Weltins tonight and i'm really really excited to see them again. They're like grandparents to me and i love them so so so much.

Anyways, Gotta go!

Love y'all!!

Love Sister Weaver <3

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