Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Baptism this week!!!

Soooooooooo this week is going to be fantastic, but just as a forewarning, this is gonna be a shorter email... sorry.

So Monday!!  we went and taught a lesson to the Weltins (Roman and Laura) and Roman asked when he could be baptized! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He told us that he knew that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.  He kept telling us all throughout the lesson that he really loved the gospel and he will do anything to be close to God and now that he's discovered the gospel he will never look back because he's so excited to be part of it.  So his baptismal date is May 2nd.  He's so strong in the gospel already that he's going to turn in his first tithing slip the day he's confirmed a member just so he can show the Lord that he's totally committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  he's seriously the best. And then at church, he told us that he had finally figured out why the Lord had kept him on the earth instead of letting him die.  he said that he's been kept alive so he could learn the gospel in this life and then get sealed to his wife and spread the word about Christ's restored gospel.  Ah! He's wonderful.

Tony Hebert (we thought his last name was Duncan but it's actually Hebert), is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!! YYYYYYYYYAaaaaaaaaayYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! We actually had a super speed bump to get over this week with him.  turns out he and Ladonne aren't actually married legally.  they got married in a church, but had never gotten the paperwork to make it state legal.  So Ladonne was upset and told him to sleep in the garage so they could both keep the law of chastity and then they're getting their marriage license before saturday.  so yup. My comps and i get to be witnesses at their marriage haha! kinda excited to see that wedding ;)

Also, we taught Israel and Aracely this week.  And i read in spanish with them.  that was interesting.  guess I need to start learning Spanish ;D

On Saturday, we helped a member move and i squashed a black widow :D It was disgusting.  i was slightly paranoid about spiders for the rest of the day though. EW!
And then this past week we found 5 new people to teach.  I am so excited to go teach this week.  the Lord is wonderful. and he's definitely hastening the work here in the CA Bakersfield Mission.  

anyways, that was my week in a nutshell. Hopefully i'll have more to say this next week :D

Love you all so much!

~Sister Hannah Weaver

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