Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

Okay so this week has been freaking awesome.

So on Tuesday, we taught Israel and Aracely again and this week we taught them about missionary work, service, and the temple.  Israel was trying to convince Aracely to just change and get baptized so they could be together forever.  He loves her so much and it's so cool!  She doesn't really want to change though. So we'll see.  She got sick later in the week so when we came over later, she was a little tipsy because she thinks that whiskey is the way to cure all illnesses.  Haha! She's hilarious.  So that lesson was pretty funny.  She says the weirdest things sometimes ;)

So the highlight of my week.... WE HAVE A NEW INVESTIGATOR!! His name is Roman Weltin.  He's been a Roman Catholic all his life (73 years) and his dad was a Jesuit priest and his aunt was a Notre Dame Nun.  So he has a very religious background.  He served in the Marines for many years and then he became a law enforcement officer for 39 years.  While he was in the law enforcement, he battled leukemia twice and won; he was in a coma for 3 months after being shot 7 times and had his body broken from a fall during an on-foot chase and yeah... he's been through some trials. So we talked a whole lot about his military career and his law enforcement because those two things are so dear to my heart and they make me feel right at home.  Sister Liebelt and her last companion tracted into them a few months ago and Roman and his wife Laura always let them in for cookies and such.  So they got to know them pretty well.  Laura is a less active member and is a convert to the church but she fell away because she felt like God had forgotten about her because her first marriage had failed.  So when we went over on Tuesday to meet them, they invited us in and they had a lot of questions.  So the first question Laura asked was, "So what is a patriarchal blessing?" 

We explained what that was.  AHHH!! There is so so so much to explain and seriously not enough time to explain it.  So watered down version!  Laura started saying things like she felt that she didn't have a testimony anymore and that she wanted to because when she joined the church 20+ years ago she felt things so sincerely and deeply and she really wanted it back but she didn't know how.  Then as I was about to ask her about her testimony, Roman piped up.  He declared, "Laura, you still have your testimony.  You still know those things are true.  You pray to God every day.  You do everything a good faithful God-fearing woman does... what Mormons do.  I think it's so fantastic that you want to get back to church.  And just from your example, I want to check it out too."  AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! So then he turned to us and said, "Laura has told me about this marriage forever thing.  I want it.  What do I have to do to be with her forever? Is there a process to become a mormon?"

We told him yes, there are 5 lessons and after that he will be baptized and then he can start working on getting ready to go to the temple to be sealed to Laura.  The Spirit in the room was so incredibly strong.  We literally were all in tears.  Even Roman.  He loves her so much.  then he said, "Well let's get started as soon as possible, because I want to be with her forever." SO INCREDIBLE!! 

He expressed his love for her several times during the course of our meeting.  it was so adorable.  

When we came back on Friday and taught him the Restoration, i was able to recite the First vision from memory and we were all teary-eyed again.   Roman told us that he knows that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  He's read it already.  We tried to set a date for his baptism but he told us that he wants to learn more before he commits to a date but that he will be baptized.  YAY!!  He and Laura came to church yesterday too :D <3 And they LOVED IT!!!!!!! Our ward seriously took them under their wings.  They already are gaining friends and seeing old friends that they never knew went to church :D FANTASTIC WEEK!!!
I love those two.  They are like grandparents to me <3

So Wednesday, we went into a member's house and guess what was hanging above their fireplace..... A GIANT PORTRAIT OF TANGLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH HAPPINESS!!!!! Took pictures <3 it's one of those Thomas Kinkade pictures of Disney.  It's freaking gorgeous.

I got my bedding this week too and i really love it. :D Thanks Mom and Dad! And it took forever to get all that tape off. My goodness.

So Women's conference, I hope y'all went.  It was great! But you know that story that President Eyring told of the 5-year-old boy's funeral?  Yeah... Sister Mullay (a lady in our ward) was that little boy's aunt.  so when president Eyring told that story she had a breakdown because she remembers all that happening.  But she definitely felt the comfort of the Holy Ghost :) God is so wonderful to us.  Even in times of sorrow if we let him in.

just a little more that's happened, we went and ate mexican food with a member.  she had menudo (aka, cow intestine soup).  Totally lost my appetite after i found out what it was.

So something that I've focused on this week was learning about our Savior Jesus Christ.  And I honestly can't put into words the feelings of my heart and love towards Him for all that he's done for us.  So instead of trying to explain, I'll just say this: Christ is the most selfless being to ever live on the earth.  he died for my sins and yours because he wants us to come home to live with Him and our Heavenly Father again.  He knows your name.  He knows mine.  He is always there to wipe away our tears even when we don't feel like he's there.  So this week as you go throughout your daily activities, keep Him in your heart and in everything you do.  As you grow closer to Him, you will experience infinite happiness that you cannot possibly dream of describing in words.  Words don't do justice.

One experience I've had this week was that in a quiet moment i remembered when i was sick in the MTC 7 months ago.  I was laying in bed, crying, because i didn't want to be in bed.  I wanted to work.  i wanted to do as the Lord had called me to do and teach.  So as i lay there asking God why this was happening, the clock at the BYU campus tolled.  the bells tolled in the chorus of "Come, Come ye saints."  It rang, "All is well, all is well."  Whenever i would ask God, why is this happening?  why can't i be strong?  Those bells would toll.  When i went back two and a half weeks ago, they never rang.  I never heard them once.  I bear witness to you that in my moments of despair, those bells would ring and my soul was comforted from the torment inside of me.  Those bells rang just for me.  and if those bells rang for me, our beloved Heavenly Father will definitely answer and comfort you in your times of trial and tribulation if you reach out for help.  I promise you that he will reach out and hold your hand.

I love you all so very much! <3
~Sister Hannah Weaver

I got letters from Kristin and Connor this week!!! <3 <3 I LOVE YOU!!!!

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