Tuesday, September 15, 2015

August 31st through September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Hey hey!!!!!!! 

It's been a crazy week! So to start off, Sister Ashburn and I both caught the 24 hour stomach flu on Saturday.  It was awful.  But we're all better now and back to eating Twizzlers and Symphony bars.

So guess what! This week we taught Kaisa about Repentance and Baptism and the Word of Wisdom.  She's been smoking since she was 16 and she's 76 and drinking coffee since she was 4, but she wants to be baptized, so she's giving it up.  We're helping her wean off of it and she is looking forward to being free from her addiction so she can feel 100% better.  She said that everytime she smokes a cigarette now or drinks coffee she feels so upset because she knows that it's something that God doesn't want her to do since it just harms her body.  So she's getting rid of the habit and the cravings.  WAY TO GO KAISA!!! We're hoping to have her baptism on October 10th, no later than that.  She doesn't want to wait longer than that.

We're still working on Chris and Kat.  They won't be getting married next month unfortunately.  She wants to wait for a little bit.  But that bummed Chris out because he really wants to get married to her and above all, baptized.  He really REALLY wants to get baptized.  But he's holding strong.  He really is an amazing man and he's got such a strong testimony.  Pray for them!!

We went on exchanges this week and it went well :)  I was with Sister Mataipule (she's from Down Under) and we knocked on someone's door and they let us in and we were able to teach him the Restoration and invite him to be baptized!  He said if he found out it was true he would.  It was awesome!  All good people are ready for the fullness of the Gospel in their lives.  NO JOKE!

Also at church, we had sooooooo many less active members make it! It was soooooooo exciting!  Hard work ALWAYS pays off.  I just love this area.

So for the funny stuff this week, we were at district meeting and we were roleplaying teaching people about the Restoration of the gospel and the Book of Mormon.

Soooooooo here goes:
Elder Grimsrud: "Do you have a church that you attend?"
Elder Loertscher (aka, the pretend investigator): "Ahh.... yes..... it's called..... Faith Hill."
We LAUGHED SO HARD! Faith Hill is totally a country singer.  NOT A CHURCH! It was just too funny.

Things out here in the mission field are amazing. Thank you for all your prayers!!! Love you all!

Sister Weaver

September 7, 2015

Hey y'all!!!!

So first off Kern Valley is super gorgeous!!! I love it so much here! It's the most beautiful area I've served in so far and I hope to stay here for a while.  It's right by Lake Isabella (google it) and unfortunately the lake is at 6% water capacity right now. It's enormously depressing, but it's still beautiful.  We have close to 8 different areas and we have to drive through canyons and mountains to get anywhere!  It's so fantastic and therapeutic.

So Sister Ashburn and I are totally twins.  Holy cow.  It's nuts.  I swear we might have been separated at birth or we were twins in heaven or something.... but seriously, we have practically identical backgrounds (such as our dads are cops, and they've both had heart attacks, and our moms have both had breast cancer, and yeah it's awesome how identical we are....)

So first on the list. Our investigator's name is Chris and Sister Ashburn and her last companion found him and started teaching him because he's a member's boyfriend.  So just in the last few lessons we've had with him, he's going to ask his girlfriend (Kat) to marry him.  WOOO HOOOO!!! ANOTHER WEDDING!!!!!!!!  And then he'll be baptized that weekend after his wedding. It's so exciting!  He and Kat are so much fun to work with.  I've been able to connect pretty well with them and it's so much fun to teach!

Our other investigator's name is Kaisa and she's an older lady but she's so cute.  We're going to have dinner with her tonight and I'll get to know her a lot better.  I'm excited to get to know her.

This week, we went and found a former investigator named Liz and we were able to teach her the Restoration and invite her to be baptized!  She didn't accept the invitation to be baptized just because she doesn't quite understand everything yet, but I have a feeling she will understand the importance of it soon.  I'm excited for her.

I really love this ward.  They're so missionary minded and they are so focused on finding us people to teach.  We always always have a member to come with us! In fact, there's a line of people lined up to help us teach. It's waaaaaaaaaay cool! Everyone needs to have this awesome of a ward.

So highlight of my week.  There's a less active couple in this ward and Sister Minoux is as horse crazy as I am.  And everytime we come over, she gets out her horse because she wants to show her off to me.  So yup. Got my horse fix for the week. :3  Sister Minoux and I really hit it off as friends and she came to church yesterday! Mission accomplished!

OH! ANOTHER HIGHLIGHT OF MY WEEK! When I went to transfer meeting, I got to see Sister Anderson one more time before she went home!! I can't believe she's home!  And guess who brought her and her companion to transfer meeting?!  ROMAN AND LAURA!!!!!! OH MY GOSH I WAS BESIDE MYSELF IN HAPPINESS AND TEARS! As soon as they pulled up in their truck I knew who it was and they were as happy to see me as I was to see them.  Oh my beloved Weltins.  I love them with all the depth of my soul.  And I have a deep soul.  So it was a lot of love. ;)  Anyways, my week is fantastic and you're all jealous that you're not serving a mission with me ;)

Anyways, I love y'all so much! Take care and keep praying for my cousin Joslin and her family and Sister Tea in my ward back home.  I love you!!

Hugs from Kern Valley!
~Sister Weaver

August 31, 2015

Hey yall!!! So big news of the week! I'm getting transferred tomorrow! I'm going to serve in the Kern Valley in East Bakersfield!! It's by Lake Isabella and I've heard it's by the mountains so right now is a good time to say HALLELUJAH!! The heat has been a killer. I have never been so sweaty in my life (TMI, but at least I'm honest)!  My new companion will be Sister Ashburn!

Gotta say though, I'm thoroughly upset about this transfer because I love Sister Khumaryan so freaking much.  She and I will be friends forever and I'm going to go visit her in Armenia sometime in my mortal life ;)

Yesterday was the 5th Sunday (unless you weren't aware), and our ward focused on missionary work.  So Sister Khumaryan gave a beautiful talk on Charity: the Pure Love of Christ and how charity is so applicable to missionary work.  I sang in sacrament meeting (and I sang "Your Hands", the one Aunt Diane and I sang together at church at the beginning of this year. ALL OF THE FEELS) and then I taught Gospel Principles class.

Also, on Saturday we had a lesson with Doris and Richard and after we taught them, RICHARD PROPOSED TO HER!!!!!!!!!! So they'll be getting married in the next two weeks.  Which is a bummer because I won't be able to see it.  But I'm so excited for them.  They were asking us questions and then when we asked them if they had anymore questions, Richard said, "I do have one more question, but it's not for you guys." Then he turned to Doris, got down on one knee and popped the question!! He said (and I quote... in the cheesiest way he did, but it was cute) "Doris, I want you and Delanie to be with me forever.  Will you marry me for eternity?"  It was so CUTE!!!!

We found 2 new investigators this week and they'll be getting baptized in October.  We're excited for them! The first one is John and we met him while trying to contact his friend's sister.  He's been coming to the Book of Mormon class held every Wednesday at our church and he's been really open to the things we have to teach.  It's fantastic.  Also, the other investigator is Sharon! She's a former investigator and Sister Khumaryan and a member went to go see her this week and they ended up teaching her about the Plan of Happiness and setting her with a baptismal date and she's going to come to church! WOOO HOOO!!!

Anyways, keep my cousin Joslin and Sister Tea in my ward in your prayers.  They've both been diagnosed with cancer.  We're having a fast for them this Sunday.  Please keep them in your prayers and fasting.  They need it more than ever.  I love you both so much. You can do this!

That's my week. I love you all so much!

Until next week!
~Sister Weaver

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