Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

Hey guys!!!!!!

So this week Sister Khumaryan and I found a new family to teach!! His name is Jose' and we didn't really get the chance to meet much of his family but he has one! We saw him working in his garage and he was at first really hesitant to talk to us, but as we got to know him we started talking to him about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation with a huge emphasis on families and how we can be together forever. Turns out, he's listened to people from other churches but he didn't agree or like their doctrine because it didn't agree with his feelings or the things in the Bible. So when we started talking to him he was saying things like, "That's true!" or "Exactly! That's what I feel!" What's awesome about it is that he's so open and wanting to know the truth. So we're super excited to meet with him and his family this week. This week has been pretty good. We have had appointments fall through a few times and so we set up other appointments with them and then went and knocked a few houses around the block and we're going to be teaching a lot of people this week. In fact, we have probably 4 ward members coming on splits with us this week and we're going to be setting quite a few baptismal dates if all goes well. We are so excited because the plans for this week are getting full and we're going to be running from appointment to appointment, which is AWESOME!

We are trying to get the ward members more involved in the work and it seems to be helping and working piece-by-piece. I'm excited to see how this week turns out. Besides that, there's not a lot more that comes to mind..... OH WAIT!

We got a new companion added to our companionship this week :) Her name is Sister Pesci (Peshi) and she's from Tennessee!  She just barely finished her training and we're so excited for her! She's super sweet! 

So yeah. That's our week.

Sorry there's not a lot more there to talk about, but it'll get better. I always draw a blank when I have to remember what to email about...

HOLD ON! Remembered something.  So this week Sister Khumaryan and I were tracting in the evening and a little australian cattledog/ pitbull mix pup followed us for about two hours.  And it waited for us outside of houses when we were let inside.  I started panicking because I knew we can't take it and we weren't gonna be able to take care of it, so we said a prayer asking for Heavenly Father to help us find a place for the dog and then less than 2 seconds later we asked someone if they knew who's dog this was.  He said no, but he'll keep it and take care of it and put up posters for it until someone claimed him.  He was the cutest dog.  My heart just broke in half because he looked like my beloved Toby.  I just miss my dog.  But prayers are always answered.  Let that be a witness to you that our Father in Heaven does answer his prayers!

I love you all! Have a good week!
~Sister Weaver

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