Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hannah's first email to us! :)

I forgot to post Hannah's first email since I have the flu and am not thinking straight...so here it is.

Hahahahaha! Dad it's so weird to see you as a missionary!!! So today is not my P-Day but President Meyers said to send a quick email home to tell you that I was alive ;) So here I am! I'm alive! I miss you all, but this has been an incredible journey.  I love my companion and we get along great! Her name is Sister Jacobs and she looks a little like Marissa Bagley so that's a tender mercy! It's amazing!!!  I don't have much time so I'm gonna say I love you so much and that you guys take care!!! I'm learning lots! Love you!!!
Sister Weaver
P.S. my teacher is British.
P.S.S My district leader and his comp are slightly annoying ;)

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